Since their reunion, G-Unit has proven time a part only made their relationships stronger. With their music still generating nostalgic memories of when they first hit the scene, the hip-hop collective have no place to go but up from here. When you're comfortable enough with your friends, they become more like family, which is why G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo had no problem clowning 50 Cent about his fashion sense and frugal ways in a recent interview with DJ Envy.

“He drew the colors on that wife-beater,” said Banks about G-Unit's clothing line and how 50 Cent put a unique design on their infamous wife-beaters.. “We were on our way to a concert, and he had the wife-beater and a regular red marker and a black marker. He just started drawing boxes. I’m like, ‘What the f**k?'”

Yayo later joined in the conversation to discuss 50 Cent's spending habits. He revealed the Queens native has criticized them for spending excessive money on items that cost less than half of that amount to create.

“Me and Banks, we like Louis. We like Hermès. We like the Foams,” added Yayo. “50 the type of n***a that be like [imitating 50 Cent's voice], ‘You know it costs two dollars to make those. You paid $200 for those. You’re crazy.” Banks jokingly added, "He’s like a rich-broke n***a."

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