These days, the average person might think of LL Cool J as an actor more than a rapper. But the Queens MC does not want people to forget what made him famous.

In a series of tweets posted this afternoon (March 2), LL Cool J sought out to remind the world that he is still one of the best of all-time. It all started when LL saw a link to a week-old article referring to him. This provoked an oddly strong response from the "Rock the Bells" creator that saw him tweeting about his status in hip-hop for the next two hours.

"Put some music out and kick ass... just because you can," LL Cool J wrote. "Please stop pretending that we all don't know I'm one of the best to ever touch that mic."

LL Cool J asserted that he has just been giving the rap world time to breathe and that he could make a huge impact by dropping one new single.

"I  stepped away and let you breathe," LL Cool J tweeted. "I can cut off air your air supply with one single. Don't test me. Genius comes in many forms. Enjoy yourself."

Apparently Twitter users fired back at LL Cool J's claims and even brought up how much money he is worth. The legendary artist said there's more to it.

"I don't care if you Google my net worth," he wrote. "It's more to it than that. I'm telling you on Twitter."

It's an interesting time when Twitter trolls can bother one of hip-hop's greats so much that he ends up defending his legacy.

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