Continuing the steady stream of exciting music by young Chicago artists, Noname Gypsy taps Saba for her latest single, "Open Apology." And though her more famous peers--Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and so on--are palling around with the industry's biggest power players, Noname continues to make a case for herself as her city's most promising young talent, at least outside the drill scene. "Apology" opens with a hyper-technical passage that mulls Gypsy's chances of hitting it big, all while sliding each syllable into place like a jigsaw. Saba, who co-produced the track with Carter Lang, follows with an impressive turn of his own, before the song slinks out with an extended, harmonized outro. The underpinning is the fear that rap might not pay the bills, now or when the receipts start piling up in the future; the conceit is that she knows.