Manolo Rose shook the block in 2015 with songs like "Super Flexin" and "Run Ricky Run" and the MC is hoping 2016 will start a run akin to the '90s Chicago Bulls. On "Offense Defense," Rose drops plenty of hoops references over Reazy Renegade production and despite not having the skills of a Michael Jordan, the Brooklyn native balls hard in his own right. As the year comes to an end, Rose and Fame School run their version of the triangle offense against the rest of the hip-hop world. Check it out above.

As one of the emerging artists from New York City, Manolo carries the weight of trying to break out of regional prominence into mainstream relevance. Fortunately, the MC is already getting co-signs from some of the biggest names in the game. "My standout moment would be watching Meek Mill come out to 'Run Ricky Run' during the NBA All-Weekend in New York," he told XXL for "The Break" section. "That was a great moment for me."

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