"Gucci Mane La Flare, I'm extraordinary, player/ I'm riding in a car come from another hemisphere." Lest we forget why Gucci Mane became one of the most buzzed-about rappers in the world in the middle of the last decade, each of his scattershot releases from behind bars is strewn with lines like the one printed above. Mr. Clean, The Middle Man continues Guwop's improbably solid run of absentee mixtapes; whether any or all of this material is acapellas reconstructed post-incarceration is beside the point. While it might take a minute to sift through the endless stream of new material, Gucci proves time and time again that it's a worth task, one filled with untrustworthy foes and untouched foreign whips.

Mr. Clean, The Middle Man is almost entirely a solo affair, marking a departure from many of the recent releases from America's foremost expert on facial tattoos. Highlights here include the B-movie villain's theme "Sleep With My Pistol," where he claims that if Bay area assailants tried him for his chain as they did 2 Chainz, the outcome might be decidedly different.