Snoop Dogg dropped the second single off his upcoming album, Bush.  "So Many Pros" is another funky hit. Pharrell is definitely putting in work on the production side. The track kind of sounds like part two to Snoop's "Peaches N Cream" making you want to just get up and move, or sit back and roll one. Judging fro, Skateboard P production from the two previous singles, it's safe to say that Bush will have a lot of Funk. After the West Coast released the single he dropped the visuals for it. The music video is like all your favorite blaxploitation movie posters coming to life. It's pretty cool

Watch the video for "So Many Pros" above. Bush drops May 12.

To promote the unreleased video, Snoop premiered three new posters via Buzzfeed. Check them out below. 






While speaking with Battle Rap earlier this month, Snoop reminisced about the first time he lost a rap battle in high school.

“There was no money, it was about pride,” says Snoop. “You built your pride and you built your base up as far as knowing that you could really do it as an emcee, that was my thing whenever I wanted to battle. It was never about money, it was about building my pride and building up my self-esteem to where the next time I battled another n***a, I was stronger and I was better.”

Check out the full clip below, when he goes into further detail about the first loss.