Skyzoo pulls up with his Peddler Themes EP, a new project with eight tracks of nimble flows and deft storytelling. Check out the project for yourself below.

It's been a decent while since the Brooklyn lyricist dropped a new project, with his latest being last September's The Easy Truth, a joint project with Apollo Brown. If you're an older rap head, that might not seem so long, but in today's era of quick rollouts, it definitely counts as a sizable chunk of time. No matter, though, because Sky's skills are as sharp as ever.

On the opening track, "Short Money," the self-described "Jay-Z Kweli accident," starts his lyrical clinic in earnest. "Short money looked so tall when we stood up near it/Told us that we could see it louder, had to look to hear it/Looking further from what we heard of made it more apparent/Apparently hearing these was looking in mirrors," he raps on the track.

See more of his skills at work by checking out Peddler Themes below, or copping it here. Also make sure to check out Sky and Apollo Brown's video for "On the Stretch and Bob Show."

Skyzoo's Peddler Themes EP Tracklist

1. "Short Money"
2. "Bamboo"
3. "Doing Something"
4. "Finesse Everything"
5. "Let It Fly"
6. "Foreal(er)"
7. "'95 Bad Boy Logo"
8. "Long Money"

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