Macklemore dedicates "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)" to his new born daughter, Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty. Over a simple break beat, Macklemore gives life lessons to his child, recommends books for her to read and lets her know that as she gets older, he'll still be growing up with her. Ed Sheeran provides a powerful hook with lyrics that will definitely land on Insatgram and Twitter pages. Check out the song above.

Mack sat down with MTV News to break down the song and how he and Ryan Lewis came up with the song. "We started tossing stuff around like what if you were to give your unborn child advice, what would it be?," said the former XXL Freshman. "It came quickly and I had like a 100 bars about advice and a lot of it was great, I was feeling it. We were about to record and he was like, I feel like it's missing some vulnerability, I feel like it's missing a part of you. Where you at right now? ANd I immediately was like, Where am I at right now? I'm so scared to be a dad. I don't know what kind of dad I'm going to be, I don't know if I'm going to let my addiction get in the way of being a dad."