Jay Rock teams up with Lance Skiiiwalker for "90059," which is named after the Compton/Watts zip code. The big homie within Black Hippy is gearing up to drop his new album sometime this year. "90059" is fantastic, hard and in your face. Skiiwalker shines on the hook, lending a Ol’ Dirty Bastard-esque chorus: "I don't know why niggas keep fucking with me/These streets make it so hard to breathe/Highs and my lows/Look both ways, where I'm supposed to go/Ah, shit, get out my pocket."

Jay is in the zone as he rattles off bars that feel like punches in the face. "Winos in the alley, nearly slumped over/Demons in they eyes, glassy, no Folgers/Wake up sober, kill you for a cold one/Snotty nosed rascals, big ratchet toters/Give it up slowly, click, clack, it's over/Something like Velcro, stay attached to corners," he raps.

After releasing fantastic one-off tracks like “Parental Advisory,” "Gumbo" and “Money Trees Deuce” fans are clamoring for an album.TDE label founder Anthony ‘Top Dawg’ Tiffith recently revealed Rock playing music off his upcoming album to his labelmate Kendrick Lamar via a short video clip.

Listen to "90059" above.