In a new interview with Rhapsody, DJ Drama (or just Drama, as Soundscan calls him) reflects on what had to have been one of the craziest years in his life. The man known as Barack Odrama gives his take on everything from the infamous FBI raid to how T.I.'s arrest effected his album sales. Also, he goes in depth about his often strained relationship with Lil Wayne, who he says is now working with him on the third installment to their celebrated Dedication series:

Where do things stand with you and Wayne now? You said in an interview that you felt like he stabbed you in the back because of the comments he made right after your arrest.
We good. When he originally made those comments, I was kind of quiet. A lot of people were coming to me like, "Yo, what’s up?" Later in the year, I wanted to get it off my chest and let it be known and then leave it alone and move forward. I f*ck with Wayne. We may have had our differences on an issue, but n*gg*s move past that. At the same time those comments were made, Wayne was one of the fastest n*gg*s to get on my album. Any time I needed something from him, he’s right there. So [the issue between us] is hard to deal with, because behind closed doors, he’s right there. I have this other relationship and personal bond with him where he comes through for me. And I gotta deal with this sh*t, because everyone wants to ask questions. I saw the n*gg* right after that at All-Star weekend in Vegas. We handled it right there and kept it moving.

People felt like your artist, Willie The Kid, was going at him on Gangsta Grillz 16, sticking up for you.
It’s a competitive sport. There were also some comments Wayne made about “Willie Da Squid” [on Rap City]. Regardless if he’s talking about Gillie or Willie, when you say Willie, Will is gonna take it like you talking to him. If he was obviously talking about Gillie, he should have said “Gillie.” And that was on Rap City, so n*gg*s was coming to Will like, "Yo, is he talking to you?" So Will did what he felt was necessary. I like Wayne’s sh*t and I ain’t gonna go deep, but this sh*t ain’t no real beef. It’s rap music. That was ‘07, we in ‘08.

What’s going on with Gangsta Grillz for this year?
I got Fab, B.G., Gangsta Grillz 18, and the Clipse tape. Me and Jeezy working. We got Dedication 3 coming.

Dedication 3 is definitely coming this year?
Yeah, definitely. We started working on it. It’s gonna be phenomenal because I told Wayne if we do it, it really has to be something special because when we did Dedication and Dedication 2, there wasn’t a new Wayne mixtape every week. The thing about Dedications that was so great to me was the direction and the sound. It doesn’t just sound like a lot of rapping, they sound like albums. And that’s because of him and me. Me and Jeezy are also coming out this year.

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