Lil Yachty has been busy all 2018, mostly delivering guest verses for the likes of Tee Grizzley, Bhad Bhabie, Cuban Doll and more. On Thursday (July 5), he provides his newest single, "Who Want Smoke?," featuring Cardi B and Offset.

Buzzing Memphis producer Tay Keith reports for duty on this new banger, which finds the three rappers taking on all challengers on the trap-infused slapper of a track.

Big Boat puts on with a catchy chorus of "Hotboxin' in the whip (in the whip)/I don't even smoke (smoke though)/But we drop tops and let it rip (skrrt, skrrt)/Pull up if it's smoke (huh?)/With them big rocks up in her ear (word)/Chandelier (chandelier)/Can you hear? (Huh?)/Who that there?/Who want the smoke? (The smoke)/Who want the smoke? (Word)."

Bardi comes through with her biceps bulging, rapping, "I, I, I hear shots comin' on the low from hoes I'm higher than/This attention is so flatterin' 'cause they're admirin'/Don't know what's on their mind, but it should be retirement."

Offset keeps it a little more G, spitting, "Glock 40 in my coat/My bitch keep fire in the Chanel tote (fire, fire)/Suffocate him, hang him by the rope/Hot potato, bullet, let it go (brrt, brrt, brrt)."

The song also features ad-libs from 2018 XXL Freshman BlocBoy JB.

Yachty is working on the follow-up to his Lil Boat 2 mixtape, which might feature some EDM vibes.

Listen to Lil Yachty's new song, "Who Want Smoke?," featuring Cardi B and Offset below.

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