The slow dance is one of the most romanticized parts of prom night, but it's ultimately something Lil Yachty could easily see himself doing without. In fact, Lil Boat would rather leave out dancing all together. He said as much during a recent video for Beats by Dre.

In the video, which features a colorful, animated Yachty likeness along with the cartoon versions of other teens, Lil Boat describes his idyllic prom, which includes a pink Lamborghini with suicide doors, a red carpet, pizza and a super fine Instagram model. It doesn't include any Milly Rocking.

"You gotta have a photo booth at prom...disco ball, and somebody would spike the punch," Yachty says as the instrumental for his Teenage Emotions cut "Bring It Back" plays in the background. "And nobody would really dance at my prom. People would stand in corners and like, take pictures."

While it seems odd that Yachty's ideal prom doesn't include dancing, Yachty came into hip-hop doing the unexpected, so his unconventional prom fantasy isn't too shocking. Besides, other than the whole no dancing part, it pretty much sounds like a 17-year-old's dream on steroids. After all, who doesn't like pizza?

Anyways, listen to Yachty explain his ideal prom in the video below. Also, don't forget to check out "Oh Yeah," a new banger that's all set to appear on the Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie soundtrack.

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