Lil Yachty has no clue why Vic Mensa dissed him. The Atlanta rapper stopped by the Hot 97 studios and briefly addressed the clip of Vic saying, "Fuck is Lil Yachty?" at a recent show.

"The situation that recently happened, I feel like people just try to throw a shot at me so I can try to respond," Yachty said around the 4:33 mark of the interview. "I've never even spoken to him. I just shook his hand. Niggas is weird."

Lil Boat was pretty tight lipped in the interview, especially when hosts Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez pressed him for details about his new album Teenage Emotions. The "Hasselhoff" artist seemed reticent to reveal any more details about the LP since an official announcement would be made soon.

The polarizing rapper did note that his album will not have many guests. Outside of this revelation, Yachty offered up very little about the project. The 2016 XXL Freshman's album is done, so fans will not be waiting long for more information.

"[There's] kind of got an ’80s, ’90s vibe on some of the tracks,” Yachty said of the album. “It’s called Teenage Emotions, so it caters to a teenager’s everyday lifestyle: heartbreak, happiness, that vibe of when you’re waking up in the morning, getting dressed and want to dance. It’s not just bars or straight mumble rap, it goes down different lanes. I be rapping real hard on this one, I be pop singing on this, and I be talking about being lost in love on this one, then back to ‘fuck you, suck my dick.’”

Check out Hot 97's entire interview with Lil Yachty below, and peep the two new songs Yachty dropped last night—"Peek A Boo" with Migos and "Harley."

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