2016 XXL Freshman Lil Yachty knows his position in hip-hop is climbing. The self-proclaimed "King of the Teens" is currently headlining his own tour, The Boat Show. After that, Lil Boat will be back on the road again for a joint tour with Rae Sremmurd.

But despite being catapulted into rap world notoriety with no more than a year of experience under his belt, Yachty is still as down to Earth as ever. The Quality Control artist sat down with Tidal while in-studio to give his two cents on his fast track to fame for their DNA segment.

"I think the fame and success goes back to me making it so quick, I don't feel any different," said the red-haired rapper. "I still feel like the same kid. Like, I try to describe it, but I really don't know how this shit happened."

Yachty's winning formula for making music seems to lie in the idea of not taking himself too seriously.

"It's just fun, it's not serious. I hate serious rap. It's boring. Serious rap music puts me to sleep."

The “Minnesota” rapper popped off via Soundcloud less than a year ago and has garnered all type of press ever since. Yachty was named the fan-voted 10th spot winner for the 2016 XXL Freshman class this summer based off his buzz and the undeniable success of his first mixtape Lil Boat. Just a few weeks after the Freshman cover came out, Yachty kept the ball rolling with a new mixtape, Summer Songs 2.

In case you missed it, peep some of Lil Boat's behind-the-scenes Freshmen content below and don't forget to check out the video of XXL taking Yachty sailing in New York for the first time.

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