It seems like Lil Yachty is copping himself a new piece of jewelry once a month these days to celebrate his monumental year, and now he's adding another chain to his collection. The "Peak a Boo" hitmaker purchases a new chain dedicated to his Sailing Team, which carries a custom-made anchor pendant.

The new chain for the Atlanta native reportedly contains white gold and 35 karats of diamonds all over. Based on the video uploaded by Icebox Diamonds and Watches, who crafted the lavish piece for Lil' Boat, the piece seems to be a little bit bigger than the palm of a hand.

There's no word just yet on how much the incredibly iced-out piece costs, but it's contributing to a large jewelry collection by Yachty, who copped a Bart Simpson chain, that was inspired by Gucci Mane, as well as one of his own face, earlier this year.

This seems to be a big purchase week for rappers who love jewelry, as Lil Uzi Vert bought a decked out diamond chain in the shape of an uzi pistol, tributing to his rapper name.

Despite spending some of his big bands on new chains, Yachty is also putting his money to good use as well, as he has offered to pay some lucky fans' tuitions this year.

Check out Yachty's new Sailing Team chain in the Instagram posts below to see the ice.

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