Lil Yachty might not be considered a top lyricist in the rap game, but he's still able to have fun with his bars regardless. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the Teenage Emotions hitmaker spit some creative rhymes about 59 characters from The Simpsons, where he was joined by host Jimmy Fallon, as well as The Roots to back him up for the performance.

Lil Boat goes through majority of the characters of the show, which we all know he's a huge fan of in real life, including some unique traits about each of them that fans of the longtime cartoon will recognize and appreciate.

"Grampa’s yelling at clouds/Willie’s really keeping busy keeping the grounds/Wiggum is commissioner, incompetent officer/And his son Ralph’s doing the un-possible," Yachty raps on the late night show.

He even dives into some of the more infrequent characters on the show that loyal viewers will know.

"Smithers can’t enter the League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen/There’s Itchy, there’s Scratchy, and there’s Gentle Ben/They’re all animals, call the hound dogs/Which are back like Alf with the Alf Pogs," Lil Boat rhymes.

Yachty's anticipated debut album is finally out, and while it didn't sell as well as expected, fans are still optimistic that the rest of the year will continue to be major for the Atlanta enterainer, who has earned major checks even outside of music.

Watch Lil Yachty rap about 59 characters from The Simpsons in the performance video below.


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