While Supreme may be considered one of the most popular brands among today's hip-hop artists, Lil Yachty is looking to switch things up with his wardrobe and get rid of his extensive Supreme collection. He recently announced his plans to sell his collection via grailed.com on social media. The self-proclaimed King of the Youth explained his reasoning behind the sale of his Supreme collection.

“Got tired of seeing all this Supreme, so I’m about to grab all my shit that I want to sell. I’m going to fucking grailed.com and I’m selling all my shit,” said Lil Boat while showing off his T-shirt collection from the New York-based skating brand.

Highlighting new and vintage Supreme pieces, Yachty shared his extensive box logo t-shirt collection with online users, which includes collaborations from Comme des Garcons and Louis Vuitton. The 20-year-old rapper also gave his followers a glimpse at his celebrity photo tee collection, which includes portrait tees from Dipset, The Notorious B.I.G., Kate Moss and others.

As of now, Lil Yachty has yet to announce the day his Supreme collection will go up for sale. Check back with XXL for more info on this upcoming Yachty x Supreme clearance sale.

See a few of the garments Yachty is getting rid of below.

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