2016 XXL Freshman Lil Yachty just dropped a raucous new banger on his SoundCloud page. The energetic, Dolan Beatz-produced track sees Yachty rapping alongside K$upreme and BIGBRUTHAACHUBBA. Hear "Like Wassup" above.

At this point fans know what to expect from Yachty, but if they didn't, "Like Wassup" is a pretty good example of his unorthodox style. The song features a catchy one-bar hook delivered several times in quick succession on a fast-paced instrumental. With in your face lyrics like "Most these niggas food mane," "Like Wassup" sees Yachty at his most confrontational.

To the naked eye, Yachty is a classic example of someone who blew up out of nowhere. But during his XXL Freshmen interview, the 18-year-old rapper explained why that isn't the case.

"They think I got this overnight," he explained. "They think I’m just out of nowhere and stuff. But I’ve been working for years before this. Even like my style, my hair and stuff. I didn’t do this to be different. I just did it because I liked it, because it’s me. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m not trying to be different; I’m just being myself."

However long it took the Atlanta-based rapper to hone his skills, it's still clear that he jumped on the fast track to fame when he released his first official mixtape, Lil Boat, in March. Since then, he's drawn a ton of attention, and likely more than a few haters. With his next project Summer Songs 2 set to be released some time this summer, Yachty is bound to have more of those than ever.

“Me getting this, it’s going to show a lot of people, you know what I’m saying, it’ll make them hate me more or respect me more, either way it go, they going be talking more,” Yachty explained in his XXL Freshman interview.

Yachty must be feeling pretty generous today, because he also premiered a new single with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 today. Titled "So Many People," you can hear it below. Keep it locked with XXL for more updates on Yachty and all of the other 2016 XXL Freshmen.

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