As Lil Yachty's star power continue to rise, so does his crew, Sailing Team. The 2016 XXL Freshman and his close friend K$upreme link up for "Ten Deep" and rep Sailing Team as they rap about flexing on their haters.

"Yellow jump suit, all I needed was a real machete/K$upreme my blood brother, we be war ready/I done fucked every hating bitch just for being petty/All about my O's with the sauce like some kid's spaghetti," Yachty raps. Diehard Sailing Team fans will love "Ten Deep."

"'Ten Deep' is all about hanging around and living life with your closes friends. Be ready to expect much more in 2017 from The Sailing Team," said Yachty in an interview. K$upreme's laidback flow matches up well with Yachty melodic tone as they spit over a beat that sounds like it's a lullaby on crack.

High-end fashion brand, Alexander Wang, recently featured Yachty wearing the upcoming threads of the brand while posing next to a few beautiful models for the #WANGSQUAD.

Over the weekend, Lil Boat responded to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex after the latter took shots during during Murda Mook and Oun-P’s freestyle session.

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