Lil Yachty blesses fans with the latest visual for a track off his Nuthin' 2 Prove album. On Monday (Nov. 26), Boat delivers the video for his Playboi Carti-assisted banger "Get Dripped."

The visual for the bass-heavy medley, produced by MitchGoneMad and EarlThePearll, is directed by Chadwick Tyler, with creative direction provided by Yatchy. The rappers smoke out a dark room lit with neon signs. Boat also flings florescent paint while the two Atlanta aritst's turn up.

"Shawty in love with my drip, woah/I get that drip, you get dripped, yeah," Carti raps on the chorus. "220 all on that rear, ayy/I get the drip, you get dripped (Ay)/I fucked that bitch, I'm a pimp (Ay)/I'm with Lil Boat, we not simp, yeah/I fucked that bitch, she get bent, yeah (Ay)/We in this bih with no tint."

Elsewhere, Yachty looks menacingly at the camera while rocking a camo outfit in a room outfitted with a camo background. "Uh, thugger lil' bitch speak Ebonics (Ayy)/Shootin' that Glock, Supersonics (Baow, baow)," he rhymes. "I drop a dub at Onyx (Ayy)/Toot, toot that thing up (Toot)/Beat from the back, she runnin' (Bih, bih)/Pink Prada bag, I'm thumbin' (BIh, yeah)/F&N, 30 round gun you (Baow)/Fuck what they sayin', they pussy (Fuck 'em)/My shirt vintage Stussy (Yeah, yeah)."

Toward the end of the video, Boat posts up with a bevy of models.

Wacth Lil Yachty's new "Get Dripped" video featuring Playboi Carti below.

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