Lil Yachty paid a visit to the "Ebro in the Morning" team at Hot 97 recently and fielded questions on his fanbase, revenue streams and how he approaches his own branding and music. Early on, Yachty mentions that while he's from Atlanta, he feels that his fans aren't concentrated in one area or region.

"For some reason I still feel like I don’t have any fans in Atlanta," he says. "Of course they’re there, they’re not as loving [as other places]." He also mentions that he charges around $3,500 for a feature verse and hasn't had time to move out of his mother's house yet.

Ebro then tries to put Lil Boat on the spot with a freestyle, but the up-and-comer tempers expectations by saying that he's not a rapper — "I would say artist but I don’t know, I’m just here" — and doesn't take rap seriously. While he does give it a go on the mic, Yachty repeatedly stops, too encumbered by the pressure that Rosenberg's ad-libs are putting on him.

When they're not discussing stale Pop Tarts and Yachty's amazing bb hun collection, the rapper offers a bit of insight into the mixtape that he and Makonnen were supposed to be recording together. In mid-April, the two posted a photo to Instagram, writing that a tape would be on the way.

“I used to until I heard he started dissing me," Yachty says of messing with Mak's rhymes. "He wanted to make a mixtape and then we kinda shut it down. It was just not good….Nothing happened. We’re not not cool or anything, I just didn’t want to put the tape out."

Watch the full chat up top.

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