It looks like Lil Boat 3 is finally on the way.

On Monday (March 9), Lil Yachty and DaBaby dropped off the ne single "Oprah's Bank Account" featuring both Drake. The Earl On The Beat-produced track sees the trio get melodic as they compare their respective boos' beauty to Oprah Winfrey's bank account.

"I ain't mad at 'em, baby/If I seen't you out, me too would be up on you crazy/Diamond in the rough, you look as good as Oprah's bank account," Yachty rhymes on the chorus. "I just wanna take you out/Fuck you in your mama's house/Overseas, I fly you out."

The hilarious video to accompany the song dropped at the same time, and features Drake being interviewed by Yachty dressed as Oprah Boprah, and Drizzy mispronouncing Yachty's name as he disses his music.

"I think it's amazing writing nursery rhymes that nobody can understand," Drake tells Boprah. "I think it's like, sort of really progressive and innovative. And you know, I think at the forefront of that movement of music that should be forgotten about is Lil Yachty."

Yachty first teased the song on Instagram in January of 2020, telling fans he planned to bring back the sound that helped him blow up in 2016.

"Y’all mind If I treat 2020 like 2016 with the melodies?" Yachty wrote with the clip. "#LB3 #BlackHairBoat."

The song is expected to live on Yachty's Lil Boat 3 album, which previously had a since-passed release date of October 2019. The Atlanta rhymer first publicly announced the project in August 2019, but he had spoken to XXL about it a couple months prior in June.

"I haven’t really worked with any artists," Yachty told XXL at the time. "This may be my album [with the least features]. [For producers,] I got Ronny J, Pi’erre Bourne, EarlThePearll, my brother, Mitch [GoneMad]. I been working with Alchemist and I’m supposed to go to North Carolina to fuck with 9th Wonder."

With features as big as Drake and DaBaby, it appears Yachty has already changed his mind on the direction.

Watch the video to "Oprah’s Bank Account” for yourself below.

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