Watch as Lil Yachty calls in to Hot 97 to talk with Ebro below.

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Last night (July 19) Lil Yachty released his new mixtape Summer Songs 2 featuring G Herbo, Offset and more. Everyone's talking about it, but Hot 97's Ebro opted for jokes instead after hearing Yachty's song "For Hot 97": "Another "Lil" rapper caught feelings... High School ass bars! Hahahahahaa! Here we go again..."

Lil Yachty saw Ebro making jokes and hit him back on Twitter with since-deleted tweets: "Lol I didn't catch feelings it was just to show that I can rap.. Cuz me having fun wit that freestyle folks [...] Ran w/ that shit as I couldn't actually rap. It wasn't a diss to you good sir it was simply more so like a check dis." He also said "Fuck Hot 97" before deleting the tweets. You can see all the tweets compiled in a video below.

Then Yachty actually called up Hot 97 and cursed out Ebro, according to Rosenberg.

The issue between Yachty and Ebro dates back to their interview in June when many people thought the Hot 97 personality didn't take the rapper seriously. Ebro is comfortable playing the role of old, conservative rap head – as illustrated with his Rae Sremmurd criticism – while Lil Yachty is at the opposite end of the spectrum, energizing kids with his quirky image and unique voice. In a sense, Ebro and Yachty are polar opposites, one representing the old guard and the other representing the new. It's only right they butt heads.

It often feels like Ebro is playing a part instead of being a genuine critic, and that might be the case here, as no one is looking to Lil Yachty for Kool G Rap-level bars. Ebro knows he causes a stir when he takes the old man stance against popular younger rappers; maybe that's what he's doing here.

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