Digital Nas is currently gearing up to release a new project, and now we're getting a taste of what we can expect on his new Lil Yachty-assisted track, "Revenge." The new record from the rising producer features Lil Boat rapping over The Who's famous "Baba O'Riley" song from 1970.

With the famous instrumental starting off the track, the Teenage Emotions rapper comes on as the bass hits to spit some lines about getting revenge on a particular hater and enemy.

"Heard he was talkin' shit (fuck 'em)/Pull up he catchin' a hundred clips (doo doo grrr)," he rhymes. "But fuck him, doe (fuck 'em)/I'm skrrtin' off with his other hoe (skrr skrr skrr)/I want my revenge on all y'all/I want my revenge on all y'all (gang)."

The new song produced by Digital Nas is a preview of what fans can expect from his forthcoming Oldies But Goodies project. The project may see a spring release. While we're not sure who could be on the project as of yet, we're sure we can see some big names, as Digital Nas has produced for the likes of Playboi Carti, Yachty, A$AP Ferg and more in the past.

Take a listen to Digital Nas' "Revenge" track with Lil Yachty below.

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