For someone who's been derided for a perceived lack of respect for the old school, Lil Yachty shows the 1990s some serious love in Target's brand new commercial, which premiered at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

The video features a Mike Will Made-It-produced remake of DJ E-Z Rock and Rob Base's timeless house party classic "It Takes Two," which is performed by Lil Boat and Carly Rae Jepsen. Target's newest ad is helmed by director Roman Coppola and choreographed by Mandy Moore, who also did serious work on the critically acclaimed musical, La La Land.

The new visual finds the ever-spirited Yachty dancing and rapping his way around a spacious Target, with Jepsen by his side at various points throughout the performance. Mike Will Made-It pops up too.

We first reported that Yachty and Jepsen would be releasing their own version of the song through Target about a week ago. In an interview with the folks at Entertainment Weekly, Jepsen touched on filming the commercial for the revamped classic.

“I think that’s what we loved about it! It was reaching from different worlds and coming together to make something that hopefully nobody would expect,” Jepsen explained to EW. “It was a total blast. Yachty is a lot of fun, and Mike is incredibly talented, so the combo was unlike anything I’d done before.”

Shooting such an elaborate commercial seems like it'd be a pretty strenuous exercise, but Jepsen said she and Yachty had plenty of fun on the set. “One of my favorite moments was filming the teasers with Yachty,” she said. “We were just in a shopping cart going back and forth, and Roman was there shouting out directions to us. For some reason, we did about 20 takes of it. We were just in fits of giggles because Yachty was in his element. He could honestly be a comedian on top of everything.”

You can peep Yachty and Jepsen's new Target commercial below.

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