Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to avoid bringing Lil Yachty into conversations these days if you're an avid social media user. This week, the "Broccoli" rapper appeared on Complex's Everyday Struggle web series to face Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks, where he was able to have a candid conversation about his place in hip-hop culture.

While on the show, Budden asked the Atlanta native if he had a 360 deal with Capitol Records, who he is signed under, and Yachty didn't seem to know. Once Twitter got hold of the footage and saw the comments, fans and users tweeted their concerns that Lil Boat is unaware of the contract he signed with his own label, potentially putting his career at future risk. Yachty hopped on social media earlier today (May 3) to clarify his comments, claiming he was just unfamiliar with the term "360 deal."

"Y'all gotta understand just because I didn't know the term name " 360 Deal " Doesn't Mean I Don't Know What Kind Of Deal I Have," he tweeted. "I Only Wasn't Aware Of The Term "360 Deal".. I Own All My Publishing & Ive Recouped My Deal. For those So Pressed. Chill. I'm Good," he continued.

Based on the multiple endorsements he's received with the likes of Target, Sprite, Nautica and more, it looks like Yachty is still able to rake in some large checks at the end of the day.

See what Yachty had to say about his record deal after appearing on Everyday Struggle, and watch the whole episode below. The 360 bit comes in at around the 15:00 mark.

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