Lil Xan makes the news for something non-music related again. A recent visit to the mall turned into a verbal altercation for the California artist, who was captured on camera loudly arguing with a man in Indianapolis, Ind. on Monday (Oct. 8).

It all went down in the Circle Centre Mall food court, and TMZ obtained footage of the disturbance. The video shows the "Moonlight" rapper yelling at another man with things getting tense.

"I'm rich, nigga. I'm rich," Xan yells while being restrained by a member of his crew who notices someone taping the interaction. "You a broke ass bitch. You broke. I don't give a fuck, nigga," he continues.

Xan then appears to finally be done with his tirade, but not before the person filming the altercation threatens to call the cops. The Mexican rap star definitely didn't have the same energy when Killy ran up on him in Canada a couple months back.

In other Xan-related news, the rapper recently recovered from being hospitalized. He blamed the visit on too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos. "Yeah, I went to the hospital today," he told fans in a social media video. "Getting ready to pack for this tour. I just want to let everybody know that I was in the hospital for not due to any drugs, but I guess I ate too many Hot Cheetos and it ripped something in my stomach open a little bit and I puked a little blood. So we good.”

The show must go on.

Check out video of the verbal altercation below.

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