Just a little while ago, Lil Xan was just a youngin' getting his feet wet in the rap game. Today (April 6), he drops off Total Xanarchy, his debut album that could mark his arrival as a true rap star.

Featuring plenty of slappers, Total Xanarchy includes guest appearances from the likes of 2 Chainz, Rae Sremmurd, YG and more. It also features plenty of the rising California rapper's woozy, drugged-out vocal stylings fans have come to enjoy way more than a little bit.

Speaking with XXL for The Break last year, Xan revealed that rap was never originally in the plans. Being a great photographer was, though.

"I got into music through photography. I used to be a photographer and a bunch of my friends started rapping. I went to a show with my camera and it got stolen and I was devastated because I was trying to be this next upcoming photographer. Someone swiped my camera behind the DJ booth. I took my loss and said, 'Screw it.' I thought, 'The camera was $1,200 but it’s only $20 dollars to make music, to record.' So I just went with recording [music]. All my friends were rappers so I just thought I might as well take a shot at it.

You can cop Total Xanarchy on iTunes.

Lil Xan's Total Xanarchy Tracklist

1. "Who I Am"
2. "Wake Up"
3. "Tick Tock" featuring 2 Chainz
4. "Diamonds"
5. "The Man" featuring Steven Cannon
6. "Saved by the Bell"
7. "Moonlight" featuring Charli XCX
8. "Shine Hard" featuring Rae Sremmurd
9. "Round Here" featuring YG
10. "Basically"
11. "Deceived"
12. "Betrayed"
13. "Slingshot"
14. "Far"
15. "Betrayed (Remix)" featuring Yo Gotti and Rich The Kid

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