Lil Xan and Killy's online beef got real this past weekend in Canada when Killy confronted Xan on the street in Montreal. Almost immediately, Xan's security swept the "Betrayed" rapper inside to avoid a fight.

Cell phone footage that circulated Sunday (Aug. 12) shows the brief exchange. Killy walks up to Xan and his crew on the sidewalk and repeatedly says, "Do you remember me, bro?" Before Xan can respond, a security guard steps between the two SoundCloud rappers and separates them. "Get him inside," the man directs Xan's handlers, who push him inside the closest door.

The spat follows months of online bickering between the two artists sparked by Xan's December music video for "No Love," which concludes with credits designed similarly to those in Killy's September video for "No Romance." The Toronto rapper responded to the resemblance by calling Xan a "waste yute" on Instagram.

Xan shot back during a January interview on No Jumper. "Fuck, what’s that rapper’s name? Killy. Killy, you a bitch," he said. "Calling me, like, a 'waste yute.' I don’t even speak that language bro."

The Redlands native upped the ante on Twitter in February, responding to a tweet comparing him to Killy by writing, "Talk to me when Killy gotta platinum record lol." In a follow-up tweet, Xan wrote, "Yo Killy I keep hearing my song on thb radio that shit crazy ! I hope one day you get to experience that feeling.

Killy, for his part, has said on Instagram that Lil Xan is banned from Canada. After Killy's attempt to enforce this ban in Montreal, Xan jumped on his own Instagram and addressed the near-fight.

"I can't talk right now, my voice is gone," he said. "But like, there's two sides to every story, so hear both before you make a decision."

He continued, "I've been told i'm one of the most genuine, humble dudes in hip-hop. I'm no better than any human being on this planet and like, I respect everybody. Women, men, I respect everybody. i just want to spread the love and keep the positivity going."

You can view Killy and Lil Xan's confrontation, as well as Xan's response and earlier tweets, below.

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