A new artist to keep an eye out for is Chicago-bred rapper Lil Wop. The youngster recently signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Eskimos/Alamo Records and celebrates his upcoming birthday by dropping the sinister new sing "Friday the 13th." The Kenny Beats-produced record finds Wop channelling his inner monster as he raps over booming production.

With Halloween only two weeks away, the song comes at the perfect time. "Friday the 13th represents my life and love of scary movies," says Wop. "Everyone knows how Jason causes havoc on this night, so I'm doing the same on this song and to the competition." Wop is definitely a fan of horror films, making references to Michael Myers, Jason and The Ring.

"Michael Myers when I pull up on you I'm a creep/One hundred degrees a hundred round drum in my jeans/If we out the club and it's gon' be a murder scene/Find you in a hole just like that lil bitch out The Ring," he raps.

Lil Wop is gearing up to drop his debut label release, Wopavelli 3. For now, bump "Friday the 13th" below.

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