For the better part of a year, Lil Wayne has been caught up in a beef with Birdman that has all but severed his ties with Cash Money. Yesterday, Weezy caused quite the stir with the announcement of the inaugural Lil Weezyana Fest  and a rumored Hot Boys reunion and hopped on Wild Wayne's show on Louisiana's Q93 to discuss the upcoming mega-concert. The conversation soon shifted to Wayne's glory days with Cash Money and working with Baby during his formative years.

Throughout the 30-minute conversation, Weezy doesn't trash Birdman and Cash Money, instead he discusses how the release of his album 500 Degreez was supported by Birdman who wanted to prove to the rest of the music world that the label was still a force to be reckoned with despite Juvenile leaving the crew. "[500 Degreez] was a rebellion album," said Wayne. "We was supposed to show that Juvie was gone and we were still here."

Of course, Wayne experienced a similar run of events when Young Thug dropped his Barter 6 project. The rapper was asked about the similiraties between the two situations and said, "[Thug's] was different. When we did it, we had no problem saying, 'Yeah, we don't need no Juvie. This is 500 Degreez. [YT] came out and said, 'I'm naming my album such-and-such because of props and I'm such a fan.' That's a total different approach...I'd have to be a monster to overlook that...I'd have to be a monster to say, 'I don't believe you.' If he says it's from the heart and he's some kind of fan, then I love him."

Listen to the full interview above.

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