Now that Lil Twist is out of jail, the YMCMB artist releases his newest mixtape, Young Carter. The 15-track project features Jazze Pha, Lil Za, Fooly Faime and production from Scorp Diesel, Buda The Future, Q Smith and more. The highlight of the project is Lil Wayne being featured on three new songs: "Nerve," "Bugatti" and "Thinking Bout You."

The tracks may feature old Weezy verses but it's always a good day when there's new stuff from Lil Wayne.

For "Nerve," Wayne comes in on the second verse over the Scorp Diesel production. "Pl-pl-plan it out, ran ‘em out/Standin’ out, stand ‘em down/Candles out, airin' it out/Man is down and they found his family down/Just layin' around, layin' ‘em down/They stand around, I'm tearin' it down/I'm tatted up, I'm zannied down," he raps.

Fooly Faime takes care of the hook.

On "Bugatti," another Scorp Diesel-produced track, the record is more uptempo with Wayne and Twist dropping references about the luxury car. Then on "Thinking About You," Twist and Wayne rap about meeting a special woman.

Twist was released from prison late last month after serving seven and a half weeks for assaulting former Nickelodeon star Chris Massey. He was originally sentenced to one year in prison after pleading no contest to six charges.

As for Wayne, he recently announced that he's a member of Roc Nation.

Listen to "Nerve," "Bugatti" and "Thinking Bout You" below.

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