After a few days in label limbo, we get the new Lil Uzi Vert banger, "Mood," produced by TM88, Southside and Supah Mario.

The new track has a mellow wave, but is accented by rumbling bass and a plethora of different sounds. Uzi rides the track with the slow flow, lamenting about his state of being. "Like ooh (whoa), why you wanna mess up my mood? (yeah)/Wish that you were me 'cause you're not cool (you're not cool, yeah)/Lookin' like a fool (like a fool)/Fuckin' like a dog barkin' at the moon (why?)/'Cause I'm shinin', like, look at these diamonds (look at these diamonds)/Like, look at these diamonds/Half of these niggas, I swear they be lyin,'" he rap-croons on the second verse.

It sounds like LUV has another one.

Apparently, it took time before Uzi's label, Atlantic, would OK the release of the record. It was first announced earlier this week. Then, on Wednesday (Jan. 3), TM hopped on Twitter and reported, "Can't drop till the 5th ... Atlantic says so." He vented about his frustration with the label adding, "Never got paid for ["XO Tour Llif3"] ballin off old checks...Thank you @AtlanticRecords for being the worst label in the history of fuck shit!"

Fellow 808 Mafia figurehead, Southside, echoed his beat-making brother's sentiment. "I find it fucked up that Atlantic already gets over on us as producers and then deny us from dropping this dope me we have for y’all wit @LILUZIVERT," he tweeted last night (Jan. 4). "But they were proud when @TM88 produced a 6x platinum record for them it’s fuck da label till I die."

At least we finally have the record.

Listen to Lil Uzi Vert's new banger, "Mood," produced by TM88, Southside and Supah Mario below.

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