A couple months removed from declaring that he was quitting music for good and a couple days after accusing his record label of not allowing him to release music, Lil Uzi Vert has returned to the studio.

On Sunday night (March 24), the rapper made that announcement in his Instagram story by posting an image from inside the booth. On a mysterious note, he also thanked Roc Nation.

The photo Uzi shared also had "Free Uzi" written on it, so the Philadelphia rapper is making it clear that he still wants out from his contract with Generation Now—his record label headed by DJ Drama and Don Cannon. This comes just hours after Drama himself wrote a comment on Instagram denying that he and Cannon are holding Uzi back from releasing his next album, Eternal Atake.

"Uzi should put out EA [Eternal Atake] tomorrow or any day he wants," Drama wrote. "He has me and Cannon's total support and blessings to drop it."

Earlier this month, Uzi previewed some unreleased songs for fans on Instagram Live and, during the session, he doubled down on his previous claims that the label is holding him back.

"But I wish they let me feed y'all, they let me just...tell me to come on, tell them me to come on," he said. "Tell them to come on let me feed y'all with the old stuff. I don't do music no more but y'all can have this old stuff. I mean it's gonna be new to y'all, I mean, y'all gonna say it's new shit."

It's unclear what role Roc Nation has in Uzi's career right now and whether he can legally work with the imprint, but hopefully, fans will get some answers soon—or at the very least, some new music.

A short while after Uzi gave the imprint a shoutout, Roc nation posted Uzi's post onto the account's Instagram story.

Check out Uzi's shot from the studio below.

Lil Uzi Vert via Instagram
Roc Nation via Instagram

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