The struggles between Lil Uzi Vert and his label are well documented. His frustrations have boiled over with the rapper even claiming to quit rap in January. If or when he does return to music, he will be starting from scratch.

On Saturday (Feb. 9), footage surfaced of the rapper appearing to talk with fans about dealing with label woes. "I gotta figure it out," Uzi says in the clip. "Bruh I haven't did anything wrong."

One person suggests he leak his Eternal Atake album to spite the label. "If I leak it, it still won't be the same outcome," Uzi counters before confirming that he deleted all his stuff. "It just wouldn't make sense. And I gotta start over. I really deleted everything. No lie."

Though the former XXL Freshman has vented about regretting signing his deal in the past, the artist seems to just want to be made a priority.

"I really just want them to respect me," he adds. "They just gotta respect me, 'cause I respect them. That's the reason why I really went over there. Like normal shit. It's just a different level in life. Everybody go through the same shit."

Despite previous claims his career was a wrap, Uzi appears to be coming out of his retirement. Quavo and Lil Yachty recently revealed they will be working with LUV on new music this year.

See Uzi talk about his label woes below.

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