Last month, Lil Uzi Vert sat down with DJ Whoo Kid and Shade 45 to discuss some of his records, including "WDYW" with DJ Carnage and the work he did on DJ Drama's Quality Street Music 2. In the above video, Uzi says that "WDYW" was originally a song of his titled "Thugger Voice," but Carnage redid the beat after hearing it on Uzi's SoundCloud.

Toward the end of the clip, Whoo Kid asks if there's anyone special Uzi has been working with, prompting the rapper to take a pause before the big reveal. "I been working with Kanye," he says. "He drops gems on you, he don’t even know. Like he’s just talking and he’s dropping gems. I’m not gonna say I switched my style as of now, but of course Kanye helped my style in general. He already helped my style from the rip." Considering Kanye's industry reach, the studio time could be for any number of projects, the Cruel Winter single "Champions" featuring eight separate artists.

As for how Uzi wound up on Drama's album, he says Don Cannon is to thank. "Don Cannon was driving through Philly and they was playing my songs on the radio and he heard it and called up to the radio station and got my information and hit me up," Uzi says, echoing Whoo Kid's notion that the industry can be very random at times.

Catch the interview up top.

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