A recent Lil Tjay music video shoot was disrupted when the rapper was surrounded and searched by the New York Police Department.

The music video shoot took place on Saturday night (Dec. 26) in New York City. Video of the incident was captured on Lil Tjay's cell phone. In the clip, the Bronx rapper and his friend are sitting in a vehicle surrounded by officers. Tjay's associate is being patted down. The officer then tells Tjay to step outside the vehicle. "For what?" the 19-year-old artist responds before complying with the officer's demands.

As the police surround him, Lil Tjay hands his phone over to another person who keeps the video going. The rapper is then also searched by the same officer. Tjay keeps his hands raised the entire time. "We shooting a video, boss. You have no right," the person recording tells the officers on the scene. "This some illegal shit they doing right now."

After searching Lil Tjay and his associate, the police officers search the vehicle they were in as the people standing around the State of Emergency rhymer begin to protest. Two officers can be seen pushing onlookers away as they get closer to the car. "I'm on Live, y'all wildin'. I don't have shit in my car," Tjay says. "They on that shit, not me."

The video ends shortly afterward.

The conclusion to the situation is unclear. However, a few hours later, Tjay appeared to comment on the incident on Instagram, early Sunday morning (Dec. 26). Posting a selfie on Instagram, he wrote as the caption of the photo, "All good everybody ... stay safe y’all goodnight 💙"

XXL has reached out to the New York Police Department and Lil Tjay's team for comment.

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