Lil Pump's impeding incarceration will hit his wallet hard. As a result of looming jail time forcing Pump to cancel his Harverd Dropout Tour, the "Gucci Gang" rapper will miss out on $1,050,000 in booking fees, TMZ reports today (Oct. 2).

Pump planned to launch the tour on Sept. 28 in Denver and perform 15 shows—reportedly pulling $70,000 each night—wrapping in Los Angeles on Nov. 6. Representatives for the rapper confirmed the tour's cancellation last week.

The announcement came one month after Pump was arrested in Miami for driving without a valid license. That arrest violated the rapper's probation agreement in Los Angeles stemming from his February arrest for the negligent discharge of a firearm.

Pump addressed the situation last month on Instagram. "So I'm on probation in L.A., I just violated my P.O., so I gotta go in and do a couple of months," he said. "But I got some crazy ass shit dropping while I'm in there so I'ma have something for y'all don't worry. Listen kids, stay in school, don't fuck up like me."

The tour was intended to support Pump's forthcoming mixtape Harverd Dropout. After teasing the tape's completion in April, Pump later announced that the project would drop on Aug. 17. That deadline was missed and the mixtape doesn't have a new release date.

Amid the legal trouble, Lil Pump and Kanye West released their single "I Love It" and later performed the song while wearing water bottle suits on the Sept. 29 episode of Saturday Night Live. As of last Friday, Pump was still scheduled to perform Oct. 5 in Nashville and Oct. 13 in Charlotte for each city's respective installment of the Breakaway Festival.

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