It looks like Lil Pump still has some words for J. Cole after the lyrics on the Fayetteville rapper's "1985 (The Intro to 'The Fall Out')" record have gone viral online. While the "Gucci Gang" entertainer previously sent shots at Cole for "dissing a 17-year-old," he is now sending a message of gratitude.

Pump posted a new video to his Instagram story yesterday (April 24), where he thanks Cole "for the clout" after fans and the hip-hop community have been talking about him due to the track.

"Cole, thank you for all the clout," he states. "Appreciate it."

While the message may not be very genuine, and may have a tone of sarcasm, Pump seems to be happy that his name is getting some traction amongst supporters and listeners thanks to Cole. While many fans believe that "1985" could have been targeted at other new wave rappers, or is just a general statement, Pump seems to be taking it to heart.

Despite the controversy, the Florida rapper is currently sitting on some more success, as his "Esskeetit" record has entered the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart this week (April 24) at No. 24.

See Pump's latest response to J. Cole in the video below.

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