Lil Pump's performance at the 2018 Wireless Festival in London on Sunday (July 8) seemed to be going fine, as Pump tried to organize the crowd for a mosh pit. But things took a scary turn when one fan in the crowd appeared to suffer a seizure.

As concertgoers began signaling for help, the "Gucci Gang" rapper immediately realized what was going on and quickly called for paramedics to assist the man. "Yo, yo, paramedics, somebody's having a seizure!" Pump yelled. "Yo, call paramedics, come on."

Fans in the audience were able to carry the man's limp body to the front of the crowd, where security then rushed him to paramedics. The 2018 XXL Freshman quickly followed behind the man to check on his condition.

The rapper eventually returned to the stage and said the man was going to be fine but had a message for his fans, warning them of the dangers of not drinking water while using drugs.

"But guys, do me a favor. If anybody's doing any type of drugs or anything, drink water," Pump told the crowd. "Please drink water, bro. Please drink water, I'm dead ass. You don't want no crazy shit happening to you... After this next song, drink some fucking water, bro. Please. I don't want no crazy shit happening to y'all."

Following his performance, Lil Pump hopped on Instagram to share one more message with his fans. Posting on his Instagram Story, the rapper wrote, "I'll never let none of my fans die at my show I love y'all to much."

Check out footage of the incident at Wireless Festival below, as well as Lil Pump's Instagram Story post.

@lilpump via Instagram
@lilpump via Instagram

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