It's been an epic breakout year for Lil Pump, who is currently on top of the world as he basks in the success of his "Gucci Gang" hit single. Recently, the Miami rapper performed his smash record for a bunch of fans in an unknown parking lot, where they rap along to the song's catchy hook. Oh, and it's lit.

Pump is seen standing on top of a tall vehicle in the parking lot of what appears to be a strip mall as he raps with the crowd while they recite the record's famous lyrics. The 17-year-old entertainer even stops for a smoke break while they continue to rap the lyrics, lighting up the parking lot with their camera flashes to capture Pump in action.

"Gucci Gang" is currently sitting at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, having peaked at No. 3. The track, which is the shortest song to hit the Top 10 portion of the charts since 1975, comes straight off of Pump's self-titled debut album from earlier this year, which saw massive success in the music community among his loyal and growing fan base.

Watch the video of Lil Pump performing "Gucci Gang" in a parking lot for fans below.

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