Getting a wisdom tooth pulled out is something no person wants to go through, and just like regular people, rappers have to get the procedure done too.

Lil Pump recently hopped on an Instagram Live session to document his post-wisdom tooth removal procedure. While being wheeled around in a wheelchair by his crew, the "Gucci Gang" rapper tries to spit a few bars before drooling blood.

"Listen up! I just took my wisdom tooth out," Pump struggles to say before yelling. The Florida artist is then able to get some lines out, rapping, "I just took my wisdom tooth... Lil bitch, fuck her ass in the booth."

Pump also managed to tease his upcoming collaboration with DJ Carnage, saying, "Aye, listen up though. Lil Pump Carnage coming soon."

While it's uncertain what medication Lil Pump is taking to fight the pain following his procedure, there's one drug he won't be using. On Dec. 31, Pump posted a video of himself on Instagram, in which he was flashing his watch, and wrote in the caption, "2018 we going even more crazy love yall (btw I don;t take xanz no more fuck Xanax 2018)."

Smokepurpp also appeared to join the movement, tweeting on Jan. 1, "We leaving Xanax in 2017."

In related Lil Pump news, the rapper recently linked up with Ronny J for the song "Trixxx." Produced by Ronny himself, Pump brings his usual style to the track, rapping, "Smoking that loud, Wiz Khalifa, damn/Pull up, I shoot that two-seater, ooh/I might go fuck up your beamer, huh/And I'm still tryna fuck Trina."

Check out Lil Pump following his wisdom tooth removal below.

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