During a recent concert in Utah, Lil Pump rapper brought a fan in a wheelchair onstage as he performed his breakout single, "D Rose." 

In one video, we see Pump instructing the audience to bring the fan, whose name he says is Cameron, onto the stage. Once the fan makes his way up to the stage, Pump announces the fan's name to the audience as Cam raises his fist into the air. It's a dope moment from the performance of an undeniably dope song.

Pump glowed up this year, with his single "Gucci Gang" pushing his stardom to new levels. Back in November, the track became the shortest single to ever land in the top 10 for the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1975.

However, recently he's faced some problems. A few weeks back, Lil Pump was kicked out of his hotel room while on tour. Last week, a fan threw something onto the stage as he performed in Connecticut. Because of the latter incident, the teen rapper threw a mic into the crowd and cut short the rest of his performance.

"If you were at that Connecticut show...shit ended ’cause some stupid ass nigga thought he was funny and he threw some shit onstage and he got his ass socked," said Pump shortly after the incident. "Bitch, don't you ever try to do no stupid shit while I'm performing you fuckin' dumbass. Of course, you gon' get your stupid ass socked—fuckin' goofy. I'm sorry to everybody...the show got shut down or whatever. I'll make it up to y'all. I love y'all."

Check out one of Pump's more positive concert moments in the two videos below.

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