It looks like Lil Pump's social media antics are paying off, as the rising superstar was able to tap Charlie Sheen for his upcoming music video. The "Gucci Gang" rapper posted a clip of himself with the veteran Hollywood actor yesterday (June 7), showing them standing next to each other on set of Pump's "Drug Addict" visuals.

While fans will have to wait for the finished video to drop sometime in the future to see the final product, Pump and Sheen assured viewers that they have some epic collaboration work on the way.

"Charlie Sheen what we doing right now?" Pump asks.

"We're about to make history," the actor responds.

Sheen starring in the video for "Drug Addict" is certainly eyebrow-raising, as the controversial personality has been open about his battle with drugs and addiction over the years. Ironically, Charlie is slated to play a doctor in the music video, but it's hard to tell how his role will be involved.

If you recall, Pump previously sent out a pitch on social media to Charlie Sheen to be in his next music video, showing off the cash he would give him if the star agreed. In the footage of the two finally coming together, Sheen shows off the bust down watch that Pump gifted the actor, which he previously gifted to everyone on his team last month.

Watch Lil Pump and Charlie Sheen on set of the upcoming "Drug Addict" music video in the footage below.

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