Lil Pump just took his love for prescription pills to another level by getting a Xanax-themed cake made to celebrate reaching 1,000,000 followers on Instagram.

The South Florida rapper showed off the peculiar pastry on IG, posing for a picture with it. Rocking a black Versace robe, he holds the entire cake, which is green and resembles a huge Xanax bar. "Congrats on 1M!," it reads on the side in white icing. We know the people in the bakery department in Publics were like WTF when they received this order.

In a video, he shows off his cake-cutting skills and later exclaims, "I just hit a million and we celebrating with a Xan cake, bitch."

Pump's popularity is definitely on the rise thanks to records like, “Movin,” “Broke My Wrist,” “Flex Like Ouu,” “D Rose,” and more recently "Boss." He also made waves by previewing a J. Cole diss song. Most recently, he's worked with Chief Keef on new music.

XXL talked to him back in April and he had high hopes for his career. “I want to be the biggest thing that’s out because I’m different from everybody I don’t sound like nobody," he said. "The route that I’m going through it’s going to be crazy. And this is only the beginning; I didn’t fully blow up yet.”

Check out Lil Pump's crazy cake below.

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