Lil Pump has been bringing in a lot of mula lately, and recently decided to cop a whole bunch of bling.

The South Florida rapper bought eight icy pieces and chains, ranging from 10 to 30 carats, from Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co Jewelers in New York City. The pieces feature diamond-encrusted pyramids, with the words "Tha Lights Global" on top. According to TMZ, Jetski paid $350,000 for the trinkets a couple months back. The work has been completed, but the "Gucci Gang" MC has yet to pick up his bling.

The wording on the pieces could be the issue. As recently reported, Pump's contract with Warner Bros. Records has been voided on the grounds that he was a minor when he signed on the dotted line. This move was brought forward by the rapper and his camp. Pump was also signed to Tha Lights Global, a "full-service, next generation music and entertainment company," but his status with them could be up in the air with the WB split. This might be the reason the rapper never picked up his chains. Or maybe he just forgot. Late nights playing lean pong can do that to you.

Along with cutting ties with his label, it looks like Pump is cutting ties with his favorite drug of choice, Xanax. On Jan. 1, he announced he quit popping the prescription pills. "2018 we going even more crazy love yall 👌🏽💓(btw I don’t take xanz no more fuck Xanax 2018)," he typed on Instagram. Smokepurpp revealed he is kicking the habit as well.

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