Lil Peep's death is currently being investigated by authorities, and law enforcement believe that there may be a possible link to the opioid fentanyl in his unfortunate passing on Nov. 15.

According to TMZ, police received multiple tips that the late rapper used the powerful opioid when he unfortunately overdosed on his tour bus earlier this month.

The drug is known to be extremely dangerous, and even a small amount can kill a person through a single dose. While it isn't confirmed that Peep had the opioid in his system at the time of his death, his body was found on the bus in Tuscon, Ariz. with drug paraphernalia, Xanax, loose marijuana and an unknown tan powder.

Fentanyl has reportedly become a problem within the Arizona city the rapper died in. The 21-year-old entertainer could have potentially gotten his hands on it by accessing it through people residing in Tucson.

The drug was also linked to the death of Prince last year.

A medical examiner revealed last week that Peep is suspected to have died of a drug overdose, but it takes six to eight weeks before the toxicology results are available.

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