Rap/rock anomaly Lil Peep has captured the interest of fans everywhere, thanks to his unique blend of genre aesthetics made evident in recent releases like "Benz Truck" and "No Respect Freestyle." With the release of his album Come Over When You're Sober (Part One) coming up soon, the 20-year-old artist decided to release a video for his song "The Brightside," which is featured on the project.

The video, shot by Mezzy, Wiggy, and Joseph Breese, shows an assortment of recent tour footage. Some of the visual shows Peep performing in various spots as well as fans rushing him for attention. Other shots show the rapper walking around London with members of his entourage. There are some shots of Peep singing the words to his song, so the entire video isn't compromised of just unused tour footage.

On the song, produced by Smokeasac, the rapper talks about getting over a recent breakup with a woman and not getting back together. Just look at the brightside/Just look at the club lights/I gotta look at the brightside/I guess she wasn't the one right," he sings on the chorus. He sounds conflicted about his feelings at the end as he thinks about getting back with the unnamed woman. "Help me find a way to pass the time/Everybody's telling me life's short but I wanna die," he says.

In XXL's chat with Peep in May, the rapper discussed his standout records to date. "Probably this album that’s about to come out," he said. "This will be my favorite piece of work that I have ever put out so far. The project I’m working on right now.”

Check out the video for "The Brightside" below.

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