Newcomer Lil Peep's buzzing music career appears to have made him more open to speak on his personal life, as the rapper has shared his sexual orientation on social media earlier today (Aug. 8).

The "Benz Truck" rapper hopped on Twitter this afternoon and flatly admitted to fans, "Yes I'm bi sexual." With no further explanation, Lil Peep went on to offer some physical love to his followers, asking them "who wants a kiss." View the tweets below.

Growing up, the Long Beach, N.Y. native battled with bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide, but the best thing to come out of it all has been Peep's ability to look on "The Brightside." “There was a point of time where I didn’t step out my house for two months," he told XXL in May. "I was very reclusive and depressed. I was in the house and just listening to Future and music and it took me out of my bedroom, metaphorically. It inspired me to try it myself. I can kind of write songs for people so I thought why don’t I write my own songs."

The 20-year-old is currently gearing up to drop his new album, Come Over When You're Sober, which Peep claims is his greatest piece of work to date, this Friday (Aug. 11). “I’ve been working on my album for a few months but I never really taken myself with music this seriously,” he also shared with XXL. “I just started and I just got other people taking me seriously so I kind of need to take it more seriously myself. This is a project where I know people are going to listen to it. Other projects I put out I didn’t know if anyone was going to listen to it. I thought it would be only for me to listen to it and show my friends. This new project, I really polished up and trying to make this as perfect as possible."

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