In the midst of preparing to release his recently-announced debut album, Lil Peep drops a brand new single and accompanying video titled "Benz Truck." The Long Island native's new record is available for purchase for fans on iTunes, while the visuals show off Peep's vision for the song's theme.

Rapping about flexing on his haters with a new Mercedes vehicle in order to cover up his insecurities, the GothBoiClique rapper recruits a team of creatives, including Mezzy, Sus Boy and Wizzy, to help bring his imagery alive in the director's seat. Peep is shot sitting in the passenger side of the truck, while also standing out of the rooftop, before we see him posting up in front of a historical church surrounded by some beautiful flower trees.

Peep announced his upcoming Come Over When You’re Sober album last week, which is slated to be "coming soon" according to the entertainer. He spoke with XXL last month about the upcoming project, and what he's preparing for the rest of the year.

“I’ve been working on my album for a few months but I never really taken myself with music this seriously. I just started and I just got other people taking me seriously so I kind of need to take it more seriously myself. This is a project where I know people are going to listen to it. Other projects I put out I didn’t know if anyone was going to listen to it. I thought it would be only for me to listen to it and show my friends. This new project, I really polished up and trying to make this as perfect as possible," Peep told us.

Watch the visuals for "Benz Truck" below.

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